Easy Ways to Gain Weight


While many people are looking to lose weight there are just as many that are looking to gain weight. Gaining weight for some is harder than it seems. The following is the best way to gain weight.
Add Calories
There are some ways to increase calorie intake with each meal. When eating a sandwich add extra mayonnaise. Add some cheese to vegetables of have an apple with peanut butter. These foods are high in calories and go well with common foods.
High Calorie Beverages
There are a number of beverages that are high in calories yet are still good for the body. Drink regular whole milk instead of reduced fat milk. Add some coconut milk or peanut milk to the diet as well. They are high in calories and taste good. Shakes and smoothies are a great way to increase calorie intake as well.
These are some ways that a person can gain weight. It is important to be at a healthy weight and these are simple ways to add calories to the diet.